About us

About us

About us

Blue Ridge Cleaners ( Pvt) Limited is a cleaning services company which a range of cleaning related products to companies in various industries , non profit organizations and individuals . Blue Ridge Cleaners is a premium supplier of cleaning consumables , cleaning services , waste removals , waste management consultancy , fumigation and pest control and garden maintenance services.

We are product to be one of the professional Cleaning company , and we know that our growth and success are directly linked to our commitment to excellence and professional services we provide to our clients . All partners and senior staff members of our firm are qualified professionals and are members of professional bodies . In addition , the firm associates with specialized consultants to perform the consulting engagements on a job basis .

Our Vision

To be the company that businesses hire when they desire reliable , high quality and
professional cleaning services .

Our Mission

To create clean , peaceful work environments for our clients and to build long-term relationships
with our clients by understanding their needs and providing for those needs with the highest
level of integrity and professionalism in the industry .

Our Values

1. Integrity
“We do what is right even when no one is watching “ - C. S . Lewis .Without integrity , we cannot meet our clients needs . Without integrity , we cannot develop relationships with our clients or with employees .

2. Excellence:
“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way “ Booker T. Washington . Excellance is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good . We show up on time , We do what we say we will do . We work hard and complete our job fully and to the best of our ability every time .

3.Professionalism :
“ The only source of knowledge is experience “ - Albert Einstein . Professionalism means that we are experienced in our business . Our experience has given us a depth of knowledge that is highly valued by our clients .

Quality Policy

  • To create an environment for innovation , research and development.
  • To build a solid base with flexible policies.
  • To progress the standard level of commitment to customers in fulfilling their demands.
  • To deepen the meaning of quality to each member of the firm regardless of his or her job description

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